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No one can possibly deny the fact that breakfast is one of the most important meals of the day. Breakfast, which literally means breaking the fast, fuels our body with the essential nutrients that keeps us energetic and get going for the whole day. But due to the morning rush on a weekday, preparing a huge spread for breakfast meal is an impossible task; hence, people opt for foods like toast, sandwich, porridge, smoothie etc, which are fulfilling and can be made quickly and easily. On that note, alongside a smart recipe, a good cookware is equally important to prepare a dish quickly. If you look around, you can find several kitchen appliances that can help in making a quick breakfast in the morning – all thanks to the advent of technology.

Hence, we have brought you 5 popular kitchen appliance suggestions that can help in making a quick breakfast in the morning. Take a look.

5 Kitchen Appliances That Can Help You Make Quick Breakfast:

Electric kettle: There are numbers of people who cannot start their day without warm detox water or a hot cup of tea. An electric kettle makes that job easier. All you need to do is pour water in the kettle and switch on the button. The best part, after boiling, is that it automatically gets switched-off. So even if you are doing other chores, the water gets ready for you.

Coffee maker:Since time immemorial, people have been divided into two sets – chai lovers and coffee addicts. The coffee addicts, like the chai lovers, cannot start their day without a strong cup of coffee. Generally for making coffee, one needs to boil water, mix coffee and sugar and most importantly, stand before the gas while the coffee gets ready. But a coffee maker omits almost all the steps. All you need to switch on the power. A hot cup of coffee gets ready for you in no time and that too in your absence!

Juicer:Most of us love having a glass of fruit juice in the morning. A juicer helps to fulfill that wish. You can also find portable juicers in the market that makes a glass of fresh juice anytime anywhere and even on your way to work. These juicers also help you to make fruit-based smoothies (without nuts).


Toaster:Bread and jam or bread and butter has always been the most popular breakfast food. Toasting the bread is needed for having it with the spreads of your choice. Hence toaster is an important part of most of our lives to prepare the bread quickly.


Rice cooker:Rice cooker is generally known for making rice. But did you know that it also helps to prepare oats or dalia porridge? Porridge can also be quickly made in pressure cooker, but in that case, you have to be alert and switch off the gas without fail. But in case of rice cooker, it gets automatically switched off. So with the help of rice cooker, you can get ready for work while preparing your breakfast.

The best part is, all these appliances are affordable and can be cleaned easily. You can hence opt for them and prepare your breakfast smoothly. Stay healthy, stay safe!

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